Do not be afraid!

Duc in Altum!

“Venture out into the depths! – Christ is with you. With my heart, I embrace all of you. I pray unceasingly to God that He guides you through life in the light and power of the Holy Spirit. May the grace of Christ always be with you. With all my heart, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

John Paul II, Lednica, 2.06.2001


“Fear not! Open, yes open the door wide for Christ! “

„Arise, you who have already lost hope. Arise, you who are suffering. Arise because Christ has revealed his love to you and is storing up for you an unexpected possibility of realisation.“
Pope John Paul II.

40 years of the Pope's visit to Austria.
Anniversary celebration at the Pope's Cross in Donaupark.

Cordial invitation to celebrate Mass at the Pope’s Cross on Monday 11 September 2023.

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Your intention

"The Prayer Community of St. John Paul II in Vienna invites you to join us in prayer. We gather every month to pray together during adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament and the community Holy Mass. During these moments, we entrust to the Lord all the intentions entrusted to us. We request your participation in prayer.
United in prayer, let us grow together in faith!"

St. John Paul II. as Patron of Europe

Ylli Haruni: Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz appealed on October 20, 2017, during the solemn opening of the congress 'Europe Christi' in Częstochowa, to declare St. John Paul II as the patron of Europe.

Our community also fully identifies with the idea of declaring St. John Paul II as the patron of Europe. We share the opinions and arguments of Cardinal Dziwisz. We believe that having the support of a patron who would accompany us in resolving daily problems, understanding us, and interceding for us to find good solutions and necessary graces, will fulfill God’s plans in peace within our hearts.

Europe is currently experiencing deep crises on many levels. We witness controversial political decisions that contradict our Christian morality and conscience. We are subject to ideological pressures. We encounter increasingly diverse viewpoints in our environments, in our families, regarding the relativity of morality and faith.

Europe is drifting further away from its Christian roots.

Twenty, thirty years ago, Pope John Paul II spoke of many threats to the future of Christian Europe. Even then, in his speeches, homilies, and encyclicals, he warned and pointed out the right path.

Could anyone have imagined 30 years ago that one day communism would disappear from Europe?

We firmly believe that through prayer, much can be achieved.

Saint John Paul II, intercede for the renewal of faith in Europe and the world. Intercede for the preservation of Christian values in politics, education, and our social life. Pray for peace. Pray for our families, for the youth, for future generations. Pray for the right to a dignified life, from its beginning to its end.

St. John Paul II, pray for us!


"John Paul II - a friend of our family"

Competition for children and youth under the honorary patronage of
Giuseppe Afrune, personal painter of  John Paul II.


The mystery of every vocation

“But for what God commands, even if it appears humanly impossible, He gives the grace to fulfill it.
This is the mystery of every vocation. Each call changes our plans and opens a new path for us;
and it is astonishing to see to what extent God supports us from within,
how He grants us resonance, how He helps us embrace this new plan and make it our own.”

Pope John Paul II.
The story of

The Prayer Community of St. John Paul II in Vienna

Praying together, growing together!

The community is a prayer group. We meet regularly every second Thursday of the month for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Mass’.

One of the main objectives of the group is to recall and deepen the Pope’s teaching, his message. We want to discover its depth and grow in faith together.

We wish to transfer these values to our families, to become witnesses to this teaching in our communities.

The story of

Assosiation "Papstkreuz im Donaupark"

In the cross is salvation, in the cross is hope, in the cross is life!

We are a small association and have existed since June 2010 with the original name “Save the Pope’s Cross”.
Our aim is to keep alive both the place where Pope John Paul II, canonised in 2014, celebrated Mass and the memory of him and his message.
The association has been organising monthly Holy Masses at the Pope’s Cross since 2010. Beforehand, we pray the rosary, after which there is always an opportunity for personal exchange. Occasionally, Eucharistic processions also take place.

Children, Family, Nation

“The society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. Among the most vulnerable undoubtedly include unborn children and the dying.”

“A nation that kills its own children has no future.”

“When the family disappears, the nation disappears, and the entire world in which we live also disappears.”

Pope John Paul II. is cared for by the Prayer Community of St. John Paul II in Vienna.

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