We do not afraid!

Prayer Community of St. John Paul II in Vienna

Praying together, growing together


Do not be afraid! Open, yes tear open the gates wide for Christ!

“Brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to embrace Christ and accept his authority, help the Pope and all those who want to serve Christ, to serve people and all humanity. Do not be afraid, open, open wide the doors to Christ. The person of Jesus is the gift of God to humanity.”
Pope John Paul II.

Our Prayer Community

The Prayer Community of St. John Paul II was founded in March 2018 in the Polish Catholic Mission (Polish Church) in Vienna. The initiator of the community was Father Rector Zygmunt Waz CR, who has assumed the role of spiritual director of the group since its foundation. The community is a prayer group. It meets regularly every second Thursday of the month for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Mass, and a meeting at the “Pontifical Window in Emmaus”. One of the main goals of the group is to recall and deepen the Pope’s teaching, his message. We want to discover its depth and grow together in faith. We want to transmit these values to our families and become witnesses of this teaching in our communities. The community is an open group, all are welcome, please contact us.

Regular community meetings

You are cordially invited to our meetings every second Thursday of the month at the Polish Church in Vienna

Rennweg 5a, 1030 Vienna:

18:00 Mass

18:40 Adoration

19:00 Window of the Pope in Emmaus

Totus Tuus

“To receive Mary into one’s home, into one’s life, is the privilege of every believer. A privilege especially for difficult moments, as you, young people, often experience in this time of your lives.

Totus Tuus: With the strength of these words, I was able to get through the experience of the terrible war, the terrible Nazi occupation, and later other difficult post-war experiences. The possibility of welcoming Mary into your home, into your life, is an offer for all of us.”

Pope John Paul II.

Praying together, growing together

“When believers pray, they win the heart of God, for whom nothing is impossible. Therefore, it is necessary that they excel in the ‘art of prayer’ so that all Christian communities may become ‘true ‘schools’ of prayer.’ Common prayer should be the daily breath of families, parishes and every community.”

Pope John Paul II.


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Gebetsgemeinschaft Hl. Johannes Paul II. Rennweg 5A
1030 Wien

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