“Spiritual Birthday bouquet for St. John Paul II” – Thanksgiving

Dear Reverend Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and all fellow believers from congregations which joined us spiritually in the Eucharistic celebration of the 100th birthday of St. John Paul II.

Restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to change our original plans for celebrating the Saint’s 100th birthday, and we had to downscale the event. The Eucharist nevertheless reunited us, and we celebrated the paschal mystery of Christ’s body and blood with great joy in memory of the Holy Pope. The whole globe participated in our mutual thanksgiving through more than 180 holy masses celebrated by priests and believers from 24 countries around the world. Masses were celebrated with our common intention in small churches in exotic African countries, in huge cathedrals and famous sanctuaries, in parish churches in less known places of the world, and in the St. Sebastian’s chapel in St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican-Rome) where the remains of St. John Paul II are laid to rest.

Each of the holy masses was a unique testimony of the unity of our Catholic faith. It is a great honour and joy for us that Cardinals, Apostolic Nuncios and Bishops were among the priests who celebrated the Eucharistic feast. We were connected through prayer and through one heart that still has room for St. John Paul II.

We received a letter from Bishop Klaus Küng for all clergymen and believers who took part in our joint initiative. The letter is given here below:

For all who take part in the prayer initiative on the occasion of the 100th birthday of St. Pope John Paul II participated:

Dear brothers and sisters,

John Paul II brought us together. He is a great role model: he was a man of prayer, friendly to everyone, also humorous, courageous in his commitment to the Triune God and the faith of the Church. At the same time, he announced with love the mercy of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

Let us all trust in his intercession and in the intercession of Mary with whom he was intimately connected! May this holy Pope, whom God’s providence has chosen to be, as the successor of St. Peter to initiate the third millennium, help the Holy Father, the bishops and all of us to carry out the mission of the Church in our time and to do everything possible to bring people closer to God today.

God’s rich blessings wishes you all

+ Klaus Küng

Vienna, May 19, 2020

Thank you for joining the spiritual birthday bouquet action for John Paul II. Together we want to give it to God as thanks for this great saint of our time.


At the same time, we encourage all of you to send us your own reflections, photos and videos from the birthday fairs. A “Gallery of Hope and Joy John Paul II.”

Please send this to us by email at: 100@jp2.at


On behalf of the community of many groups and private individuals who call themselves “Friends of Saint John Paul II”:

Czeslaw Ogrodnik
Prayer fellowship of John Paul II in Vienna
Johannes-Paul-II.-Verein in Österreich

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