“Rose JP2”: Final

We are nearing the end of our fasting prayer “Rose JP2” for priests, consecrated people, for new holy vocations.

Details about our common prayer can be found on the website: Link

58 people took part in the prayer, together almost three full rosaries were prayed every day for all necessary graces for the people who were included in our prayer. The prayer was strengthened by holy masses. We thank everyone for this great gift!

We will end our common prayer on Big Thursday, the day on which Jesus himself introduced the Eucharist and the priesthood. We encourage everyone to offer Jesus the gift of their prayers during this service.


Big Thursday Ceremony,  Archiv Stift Heiligenkreuz

With great pleasure we would like to share a blessing for the participants of our initiative:

Bishop DDr. Klaus Küng (Wien, 29. März 2021)
“I am very pleased that the Rose JP2 initiative came into being. It corresponds to a great and urgent concern. We need holy priests and religious and Christian families who live by faith. May the blessings of Almighty and Merciful God accompany and make your prayers fruitful!



We also received a blessing and an assurance of a protective prayer for those praying from Fr. Bernhard Vosicky OCist, Heiligenkreuz Abbey.

We will repeat the “Rose JP2” cyclically during the lent Time in the following years as well. We invite you to pray with us.

At the same time, we encourage you to continue praying for the above concerns to include in your daily prayers.


Prayer Community of St. John Paul II in Vienna


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