Prayer to Mary, Mother of Hope

In this contemplation, inspired by genuine love, Mary appears to us as a figure of the Church which, nourished by hope, acknowledges the saving and merciful action of God, in whose light she reads her own journey and all of history. Today too Mary helps us to interpret all that happens to us in the light of Jesus her Son. As a new creation moulded by the Holy Spirit, Mary causes the virtue of hope to grow within us.

To her, Mother of hope and consolation, we confidently lift up our prayer: to her we entrust the future of the Church in Europe and the future of all the women and men of this continent:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Wiki

Mary, Mother of hope,
accompany us on our journey!
Teach us to proclaim the living God;
help us to bear witness to Jesus,
the one Saviour;
make us kindly towards our neighbours,
welcoming to the needy,
concerned for justice,
impassioned builders of a more just world;
intercede for us
as we carry out our work in history,
certain that the Father's plan will be fulfilled.

Dawn of a new world,
show yourself the Mother of hope
and watch over us!
Watch over the Church in Europe:
may she be transparently open to the Gospel;
may she be an authentic place
of communion;
may she carry out fully her mission
of proclaiming, celebrating and serving
the Gospel of hope
for the peace and joy of all.

Queen of Peace,
Protect the men and women of the third millennium!
Watch over all Christians:
may they advance confidently
on the path of unity,
as a leaven of harmony for the continent.
Watch over young people:
the hope of the future,
may they respond with generosity
to the call of Jesus.
Watch over the leaders of nations:
may they be committed
to building a common house
which respects the dignity and rights
of every person.

Mary, give us Jesus!
Grant that we may follow him and love him!
He is the hope of the Church,
of Europe and of all humanity!
He lives with us, in our midst, in his Church!
With you we say:
“Come, Lord Jesus” (Rev 22:20).
May the hope of glory
which he has poured into our hearts
bear fruits of justice and peace!


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