“Towards the future with John Paul II” – International Online Conference

On January 15-17, 2021, an international conference will be held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of St. John Paul II. There will be some presents delivered by prominent guests, representatives of many countries

The lectures are divided into three blocks:

  • 15th of January: “Person – Anthropology and Ethics. What Man?”
  • 16th of January: “Family and Society. Which Family? Which Society?
  • 17th of January : “Faith and life of the Church. What redemption? Which Church? Which redeemer?”


The lectures will be translated into Polish, English and Italian

We highly recommend it.

Check-in and further information on the organizers’ website:

International Symposium on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of JPII (diecezja.pl)

Day 1 (15.01.2020)  
PL https://youtu.be/hXJ8Y5IB0vM
EN https://youtu.be/BaAEMTFCXBw
IT https://youtu.be/AT2huols8sA

 Day 2 (16.01.2020)  
PL https://youtu.be/GB3_WoiDhF8
EN https://youtu.be/Nm0ULiNKJDg
IT https://youtu.be/ia05c-iMd3c

 Day 3 (17.01.2020)  
PL https://youtu.be/4wj5ckQQZWk
EN https://youtu.be/lVsyI0pTUDg
IT https://youtu.be/agry5FG-1LU

The Conference is public so we are grateful if you share information about this Conference.
For more information regarding the Conference, it’s programme and objectives please visit:


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