100×100 JP2: 100 holy masses dedicated to the 100th birthday of saint John Paul II

100 holy masses dedicated to the 100th birthday of saint John Paul II, an extraordinary person who influenced the fate of the world. Over 26 years, John Paul II was in charge of the Catholic Church. During countless pilgrimages that led him to all corners of the world, countless masses followed his charismatic way of proclaiming the gospels. He never backed down from tough tasks und had faith in God unconditionally und entrusted himself to the virgin Mary.

“Do not be afraid. Open the doors to Jesus Christ”, whose were the words we heard upon his first papal public event. His deep and encouraging words to remain true to Jesus Christ accompanied us during his entire Pontificate.

His 100th birthday shall be equally special. However, due to the current situational restrictions concerning the Corona Virus, a public mass with many attendants will not be possible. However, it is still possible to organise many masses in many different churches spread out all over the world, united by a single goal: separated, yet united through prayer.

We encourage everyone to celebrate the pope’s birthday on 17th /18th May 2020 in your local communities, churches, homes.

We will try to celebrate our great saint with 100 holy masses on his 100th birthday.

We ask you to partake in this honourable event and forward the place and time of your local mass. All data will be published at JP2.at.

We are expecting a live stream aswell, to be able to enjoy the birthday mass united in our homes.


Prayer fellowship of St. John Paul II in Vienna
Sociaty of St. John Paul II in Austria
Verein „Rettet das Papstkreuz”
Maria Madre della Divina Misericordia, Italia
Jesus Prayer Group
Private Persons